Hamilton House Community Kitchen

Hamilton House Community Kitchen

The Mummy Monster kitchen show is about taking a high quality and professional theatrical experience to the doorstep of those who would not normally or never go to the theatre. Mummy Monster was performed in Hamilton House Community Kitchen in partnership with Coexist, Bristol in February 2017. This was part of a tour of kitchens that took the show to private homes, community venues, libraries and children’s centres. Many audiences find these places more welcoming and accessible than a conventional theatre and the performance is often accompanied by a separate crèche. A post-show discussion is a chance to talk about challenges faced by parents of small children. We also performed to many who did not have their own children and after receiving positive feedback, were inspired to create a fuller length studio theatre performance. This would allow us to consider the theme of community involvement and support in the raising of children in a way that would be relevant to all.

I sort of live with the sound of parents. I live with that everyday and I saw the poster and thought I should come… I hear sometimes, particularly with single Mums, its not just things being out of control it’s actually past the edge.” Male audience member: Hamilton House Community Kitchen.

“I found it quite scary when she (the character) started drawing on herself. It was a relief when I heard the voice of ‘nice’ Sandra again… She was like my friend. I worried about her.” Member of The Eastern European Women’s Group: The Wellspring Healthy Living Centre, Barton Hill.

“It was great from our point of view, to see more light at the end of the tunnel for the mum with support from her friend, which gives the hope at the end that things can get better and asking for help is really important.” Ruth Jackson, Founder and Director, Bluebell (postnatal depression charity).